What’s the meaning behind the brand’s name?

Aube - pronounced [ob] - is a French word that translates into dawn. I wanted to use a French name because it’s my mother tongue and a huge part of who I am. Aube also refers to the philosophy behind the brand.  It’s the quiet of the day where the world moves slowly. It has a magical quality to it that makes everything seems possible. It’s also the beginning a new day which signifies leaving the past behind and as a brand, work against the status quo of fast fashion and fast consumerism and work toward a better more positive future for our planet. It’s a window on a slower, bright and positive future.

Who makes your products?

I make everything myself - design, patterning, development, etc - in my Vancouver studio.

Where do you source your materials?

​I support my community by buying from local suppliers here in Vancouver.

Why don’t you make your products in more colours?

For sustainability reasons – I only use vegetable tanned leather from local suppliers which limits the colours that can be produced and that I have access to.

For longevity reasons – Black and tan are easy colours to wear and colours that will elevate your own unique style – prints & patterns, colourful or sober – it goes well with everything.

With Less is More approach, I’m hoping that you will hold on to your Aube product for longer and feel the need to have fewer products. That also means a healthier planet.

How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

Orders are generally processed within 5-10 business days upon payment approval, excluding weekends and holidays but it varies on the number of orders in production. Refer to the Made to Order section at the bottom of the Homepage for current lead times.  

Do you ship outside of Canada?

I ship to within Canada and to the U.S.  Refer to Shipping & Returns for more all the details.

What kind of packaging do you use?

I use repurposed packaging as much as possible. Any new packaging will have a high percentage of recycled material content and should be easily recycled.

Do you offer local pick up?

You can pick up your order from my Vancouver studio. Just select the Local Pick-Up option during the checkout process and I will contact you when your order is ready. 

Do you take custom order?

Custom orders are my favorite! Learn more on the process in the Co-Create section.

Do your products ever go on sale?

No, simply because my products are labour intensive hence my profit margin is low. My products are also made to order meaning that I don’t carry overstock inventory.

That being said, I occasionally offer promotions and discounts so make sure to sign up to be the 1st informed!

Please reach out to info@aubeatelier.com if you have any other questions.