The Co-Creation process is what I enjoy most about my work. During the process, I use a very collaborative approach to ensure that you are being handed the product of your dream. It's an exciting and iterative experience, during which we will have many touch points to refine each detail of the design, until we reach perfection. 

The result is a product perfectly suited for your needs and lifestyle, a product which I hope will provide you joy and will remain in your life for a very long time. I like to think of it as the creation of a modern heirloom.

The Co-Creation process also applies to:

  • Stores who want products designed for the specific assortment needs.
  • Businesses who want to offer corporate gifts.

Please reach out if this is something you would like to explore


In their own words

"This was my first-ever experience commissioning anything, and Jacinthe made the process a truly memorable experience. From the initial requirements gathering and brainstorming to materials selection and prototype fitting, I felt involved and heard. I was also very honoured that she named the bag after me.

She delivered a stunningly beautiful, highly functional, and truly sustainable laptop bag that I absolutely love. Simple, elegant, and versatile, it will serve me for years to come and I wear it with pride. Jacinthe’s holistic design approach produces high-quality, timeless creations that take people and the planet into consideration at every stage."  

- Ariane


"Finding the right replacement to a well loved worn out purse was becoming quite the challenge. The purse had high demands, foremost it had to be versatile, stylish yet uber functional. I wanted something that was low key and have low environment impact. I did not want to replace it anytime soon so quality was paramount.

I had seen Jacinthe’s work and loved the simplicity and craftsmanship she purveys. We worked with her elegant simple aesthetic and craftsmanship and matched it with my steep criteria - I believe together we mastered a simple thoughtful elegant piece. One which I know I will cherish for many years to come."  



"Wow wow wow! I have admired your items for a while, and now I have one of my very own! The bag is absolutely beautiful, and a work of art. You are so incredibly talented. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I hugged it after I opened it, and I promise to treasure it. Thank you!"  

-  Ruth (the bag was commissioned by her husband)